Bill Gates II - from India ??

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Step forward, Bill-ji or Bill-san or Bill-xiansheng - title from timesofindia

WASHINGTON - Zogby International and 463 Communications recently released an interesting new poll which says that the Americans believe that the next BILL GATES is gonna be from Asia.

26.7 % voted - China
22.4% voted - Japan
only 21% voted - US
and a suprising 13% voted India.

Russia (2.1 per cent) and Brazil (0.4 per cent) were cited as other possibilities.

"The next Bill Gates has already been born, and time will tell what country is providing the environment of innovation, entrepreneurism and opportunity to enable him or her to flourish with the next great idea," the firm 463 Communications said in a release.

A cartoon on a blog run by 463 Communications had a headline that read: Americans Say Next Bill Gates is Currently Studying Math in Beijing....
Why Americans are so down on their own technological fecundity, considered they have given birth to the hottest Internet properties -- YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, eBay, Yahoo etc -- is perhaps evident from their preference for the traditional media. Only one-third (32 per cent) of all Americans believe that the Internet is the greatest invention. Sixty-five per cent said Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press that won him the title "Man of the Millenium" by Time Magazine some years back is a greater invention.

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