The best apps and games ever made for iPhone are going free!

Monday, July 08, 2013 57 comments

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Kotaku just mentioned that the best ever games and apps made for your iPhones and iPads are going free this week to celebrate Apple App Store's 5th Birthday!

Though they have given a link to AppSnatcher's page, for a lot of us its seems to be slow and not working. So I am going to be updating the links to all great free apps and games here, continuously :) Enjoy!


Awesome games that most recently went free ! - Thanks to anonymous comments :)
Flight Control HD (iPhone / iPad)
Mirror's Edge (iPhone / iPad)
Dead Space (iPhone / iPad)
Sims Medieval (iPhone / iPad)
Homerun Battle 2 (Universal)
Peggle HD (iPhone / iPad)
Mini Motors HD (iPhone iPad)
Chopper (Universal)
Air penguin (Universal*new*
Girls like Robots (Universal*new*
BANG! the Official Video game (iPhone*new*
Table top racing (Universal*new*

RPGs that went free - thanks to Gamevil !
Destinia (iPhone)
Hybrid : Eternal whisper (iPhone)
Hybrid 2 : Saga of Nostalgia (iPhone)
Zenonia 1 (iPhone), 2 (iPhone), 3 (iPhone)

Featured by Apple
Tiny Wings (iPhone / iPad)
Badland (iPhone / iPad)
Sword & Sworcery (iPhone / iPad)
Infinity Blade 2 (iPhone / iPad)
Where's My Water (iPhone / iPad)

Went free independently
Zenforms : Protectors (Universal)
The Idiot Test 3 (iPhone)
Pig Shot (Universal)
Glow Puzzle (iPhone)
War of Reproduction (iPhone)
Jump Birdy Jump (Universal)


Featured by Apple
Day One Journal (iPhone / iPad)
Traktor DJ (iPhone / iPad)
Over (iPhone / iPad)
Barefoot World Atlas (Universal)
How to cook everything (Universal)

Read HFS partition on Windows 7, with free Apple HFS Drivers from Bootcamp

Tuesday, May 07, 2013 3 comments

How to read Mac hard disk on Windows ?

If you have a hard disk with HFS or HFS+ partition on it, you can now read it on Windows for FREE. This makes it work just like any other hard disk partition, and shows up when you click on 'My Computer'.

These drivers are from Apple and included as part of Bootcamp. But they give you only read-only access.

Download link #1 -
Alternate link #2 -

Instructions to use

  • - Uninstall any existing HFS Driver like Paragon software or Mac Drive and restart your computer.
  • - Now download the zip, extract and open readme.txt, it has the same instructions.
  • - As instructed, copy the two .sys files to C:\Windows\system32\drivers
  • - Merge the .Reg for installing the drivers.


Update and future plans!

Tuesday, March 05, 2013 2 comments

Hello readers,

I am delighted to inform you all that I have decided to revive this blog after its long dormant period. But it won't be a general tech blog any more. Instead it will be focused on Apple universe and mobile apps (iPhone, Android etc.) and mobile games in general. It made more sense as its the field I work in and I am constantly focused in the Apple-verse and mobile games in general now.

Soon there is going to be a stunning face lift for the blog after which there will be regular content updates. Thank you all for your continued support. I am sorry if some of you might be disappointed. Feel free to un-subscribe in case the new topics are not going to be of interest to you folks!

- Blogmaster

How to cheat and solve 4 Pics 1 Word without paying easily?

Friday, March 01, 2013 0 comments

4 Pics 1 Words is available for iPhone, iPads and Android devices which is very addictive and on the top of free charts now. Today I discovered this new way to solve any puzzle in case I am stuck on it for a long time.

Here are 8 simple steps you can follow to solve every 4 Pics 1 Word question easily!
(Click on images to see the enlarged versions)


Click on one of the images


Check the name of photographer and the site from which the image was purchased
In this case its "Constantinos" and ""


Perform a google search. Here I have done with keywords "constantinos fotolia" and the second link is exactly what I was looking for. Click it.


Locate the image you are looking for. Sometimes if you are lucky you can find on first page of search results, otherwise you will have to go to other pages by clicking "next" button at the bottom.


Click on the image after finding it, then on the image page, click on the "Information" tab on the right.


Now all the keywords for this image are displayed. To be sure that you don't miss out, click on "See all keywords" button.


Now my answer needs 7 letters. So I will go through all the seven letter words from the keyword list and see which one fits my available list of characters. Within few seconds I see that the word "degree" is what I need :)


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How to middle click using Magic Mouse and Mac Book

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 2 comments

I got my Mac upgraded at work today and so started using the new Magic Mouse from Apple. First thing I noticed is that it lacks the middle click, which I use heavily with Firefox to open in new tab and close tab directly. I also thought about gaming :(

Anyways good news is that you can actually enable middle click on the Magic Mouse with a help of this cool utility. All you have to do is just use three of your fingers and tap/click the mouse.

The source code for this utility is also available.

Get Beautiful Professional Resume templates (and more) for Free !

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 6 comments

If you have not heard of Google Docs before click here. For the rest of the people, I introduce "Google Docs Public Document Templates".

In life, all of us and our friends have more than once needed and searched for templates of Resumes, Business Letters, Finance Documents, Invoice formats, Project Reports, Business/Project Plans etc. All of this is available under one roof for FREE !

They even have templates for EULAs (End user license Agreement),  Monthly Planners, Time Sheets, Business Presentations, Business/Greeting Cards, Survey sheets and even Divorce Notices !!

Next time anyone asks you for any format, just tell them to check out..

KLite Codec Pack for Mac OS

Thursday, July 23, 2009 25 comments

As I am spending almost 10-12 hours a day working on a Mac, I have decided to begin a new section on Mac Softwares, Tips and Tricks on Techtola.

Today was the first time, I wanted to watch a Video of one of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes on a Mac and the Quicktime player could not play it. My first attempt was to download VLC for Mac but unfortunately it was 29 MB in size and I wanted something smaller.

So I searched for K-Lite Codec Pack for Mac OS and looks like there isn't any like that. But I did find an equivalent of just 3 MB in size called Perian.

It adds support for a lot of formats in your default Quicktime Player. Just download the DMG, double click on Perian.prefpane to install it and enjoy :)

Click here to go to Perian Website.