Coz 'TOLA' soundz a lot cooler than 'ALOT'

14 things that identify you are a wicked web techy !!!

Written by Rajavanya on Saturday, December 15, 2007

  1. You have a personal startup homepage, with your favourite gadgets and RSS feeds from your favorite sites on it. e.g. pageflakes, igoogle, my yahoo

  2. You have bookmarked your list of important web pages using a online bookmarking servicee.g.

  3. You never ask whats a blog and you have your own website or blog with atleast one post made.

  4. You save your photos on flickr or picasa

  5. You know what TTYL, BRB, LOL, OMG, WTF means

  6. You have a local copy of your favourite videos downloaded from YouTube

  7. You never say search it, instead you say google it !!

  8. You use firefox, opera or something else other than IE with atleast one Add-On installed.

  9. You have your profile on myspace, facebook and hi5

  10. You think buying music/software from a store is stupid instead you say thanks to napster, kazaa, limewire or iMesh

  11. You never give your email id for registering at small sites which you know will get you spam, instead you use disposable inboxes

  12. You don't a have a separate IM application for Yahoo, Jabber, AIM, ICQ, MSN etc, Instead you use a universal multi chat messenger e.g. trillian, gaim

  13. You don't voice chat, instead you skype

  14. Finally you never get bored for always you have DIGG, Stumble upon and Reddit !!!

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