Fake magazine covers with YOUR picture !!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ever imagined your photo on the front page of the world famous TIMES magazine? Its time to change your imagination to reality with the click of your mouse. Here is a site which generates a famous magazine frontpage with your photograph.

All you have to do is find a good pic of yours to upload and voila its ready. Take a look at my sample !!

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All Thanks to one and only Grapher (my uncle) for this excellent find

Update:- Here is another site with a lot of magazine covers to choose.
  1. Hey...!
    its cool dude.....!!

  2. abhinav

    hi raj this is abhinav..ur blog is going great.this post in perticular is jsut cool.keep it going pal

  3. Thanks guys your comments turn me on even more than a busty hot chick :P LOL

  4. Mohan

    Cool machi........

  5. This is so fun... :-)

  6. Create more novelty magizine covers @ http://www.FakeMagazineCover.com (fake magazine cover generator). BONUS IMAGE TOOLS: add frames, borders, cute templates, comic captions, props/embellishments, wordart, special effects, scrapbooking, photo cards, image editor, etc.

  7. well i prefer http://www.magofun.com its a lot faster.

  8. If you like fake magazine covers, check MagCover (http://www.magcover.com)
    It has won the 'Cool Site of the Day' award on December 7th!

    MagCover provides several nice features. It offers a user-friendly editor and gives you total control on your creations. You can also order products with your covers; they make great gifts! If you have an iPhone you can also try MagCover for iPhone.

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