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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Here is an interesting article......... I read on someones blog.....from

Is the Web 2.0 really evolving? Below are given statistics from top 10000 websites listed in Alexa.(Take it real…it is Alexa and it is an analysis) I do not know who Yvo Schaap is, just happened to get into his website while surfing the Internet. But the stuff seams cool, so felt like sharing with you.

10% are adult sites. The reach of these is 5%. Who knows what the other not listed in top 10000 serve. Now you say if porn is dominating the web.

USA owns 44% of sites. Europeans 16%. China 9%. But in reach Europe is 7% against Chinese having 9%. So it is all about US yet.

55% websites are in English with second place for Chinese and third for Spanish. Arabic hold a respectable 3.3%. So English is the language of Internet " nt d slang ver tho."

California has 37% reach and it owns 7% websites of all the 10000 listed in Alexa.Washington has 22% reach. So Silicon Valley is still the Game has PageRank of 10/10 as it has 8 times more incoming links then nd). So link building might not be very hip(but it is for the smaller not so famous websites) and trendy as you would expect.

Google actually has the biggest reach (9%) if you add all 72 local domains together. In number of views Google loses from Yahoo! that has 12% (!) of the total views. (Damn you, Yahoo! Games)

6% of websites contain Goooooogle ads. That is a 55% reach of all advertising networks identified.

Has The Web 2.0 Evolved Yet?

Web 2.0 is hard to measure (Maybe because it doesn't exist). But I' ve tried by location RSS feeds and stylesheets. And the results are actually quite surprising. 10% of all the homepages provide an RSS feed (If people actually use these RSS feed is of course a different analysis). And 58% use stylesheets on their homepage for layout. So we may say that there is some evolution taking place.....I Guess.

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