How to find invisible users in yahoo messenger !!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Heres a great way to find invisible users on yahoo messenger. I will make it short and sweet.

  1. Login to yahoo messenger.
  2. Select the user who u want to find out.
  3. Double click on them and open the chat window
  4. Send a message. you can send anything. just "Hi" will do
  5. Now click IMVironment > See All IMVironments> Interactive fun > Doodle immediately
Now you are done. If you see "WAITING TO LOAD" like below image then the other user is really offline.

Or else if the other user is online. then you will see a blank white screen. Then the user is ONLINE !!!

Thanks to Moby for helping me test this....
  1. That is a niceposting frnd but i'm sorry to say that Doogleis not only the optionwe have

  2. which will shows real status whether they are really offline or invisible, it shows Cartoon Avatar also(if available)

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