Edit Videos Online just with your browser !!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Web is getting way too powerful to such an extent that, soon one day there will no need for any desktop applications. Everything will be stored, shared, published online just with the click of your mouse.

Here is one such example. Did you know that you can actually edit videos online. Editing, I mean is to provide effects like overlays, cutting, resizing, transitions (e.g. fading between scenes), loops along with audio effects and editing, All of this just with your BROWSER !!!

Welcome to JUMPCUT, a cool online video editing service. Its a great service for quick editing, movie making with some jazzy effects. One feature I love with this service was the ability to upload photos also and include inside the video. Moreover you can add multiple background music, fade between them.

You can integrate this service with your Yahoo! account. The user interface is very well designed with AJAX and real time update of effects and video preview generation (Now thats a real WOW !!)


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