Let your callers hear "NOT REACHABLE" instead of Switched Off message !

Friday, January 11, 2008

Here is a pretty easy simple trick to avoid callers to your mobile phone at the same time, not let them know you have switched off your mobile.

Instead of switching off your mobile when you don't want to attend the call (Read more...) just remove the battery and SIM (Optional) without switching off your mobile phone. Though its such a simple trick, It comes handy when you want to avoid but not let the caller know it

Updated :- Some networks like VODAFONE already give not reachable message even after properly switching off.
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  1. Anonymous

    what about airtel??

  2. Checked and it works fine with Airtel in Bangalore

  3. its too old, i heard it 10yrs back. it acually works fine.

  4. Anonymous

    this is not working in Airtel Network

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