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Google - Tricks, Tips, and Shortcuts

Written by Quakeboy on Thursday, April 05, 2007

Here are some not so familiar google search tricks and tips that are very useful.

  • NOT MORE THAN 10 WORDS - Google limits searches to only ten words entered, so keep your search phrases as short as possible.
  • ORDER IS IMPORTANT - Google searches the words in the order they appear. So TRAVEL WORLD will get you results which are different from WORLD TRAVEL.
  • INTITLE - Search only the Webpage Titles. Example: intitle:funny pictures
  • SPECIFY FILETYPES - There are a number of file types searched by Google in addition to standard HTML-formatted pages. Example: Typing filetype:swf ninja games brings back only flash movies on the subject of ninja games. Check out more examples below.

    - Adobe Acrobat - pdf
    - Microsoft Excel - xls
    - Powerpoint - ppt
    - Rich Text Format - rtf
    - Text files - txt
  • INTEXT only, NO URL or link - Google searches only in the body text of Web pages-not in links, URLs, or titles. Example: intext:best game
  • SEARCH WITHIN A SPECIFIC SITE - Use this when you want Google's to search in particular site alone. Example: arcade games would return results about arcade games from gamerevolution site alone.
  • ASK GOOGLE TO DEFINE A WORD - Example define: secret
  • GOOGLE AS CALCULATOR or CURRENCY EXCHANGE CALCULATOR - its as simple as entering 4+4 or any other complex equation. In Currency conversion just put a '?' for the unknown term. Example - 34 INR = ? USD.
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    2. By atul on 4/05/2007 1:01 PM

      Nice tips specially dollar one , it can help us to get update with current dollar rates .

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